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That was recently, that was a long time ago.
My husband and me had been having a long discussion and strong debates about what kind of dog we would like to have in our home. The husband insisted on a German shepherd dog but I was eager to bring a Boxer. One beautiful winter day we were going to do shopping. The elevator door opened and I saw a little charming puppy whose breed identity I was not able to recognize at that moment. At first sight that lovely and sweet baby stole my heart and as soon as I came back home I immediately started surfing the Internet to find any information about that amazing dog! After 20 minutes of my net searching a beautiful image appeared on the computer monitor. It was the Rhodesian Ridgeback! The only thought started pulsing in my head: «I’d love to own a dog of this breed! It’s an absolutely unrealistic breed!» I called the husband with a shaky voice to look at the picture and, what a miracle, he completely supported my choice. We agreed that the right time to get a puppy would be the month of May because I would have the long summer time holiday so could have a lot of free time to care for a baby. Every day I was lost in the Internet world carefully studying all particularities and features of the breed, was looking through many clubs and breeders websites. At a certain stage I exactly realised that I wanted to get only a liver variety of the breed with the chocolate nose and amber eyes. My desire to purchase the red friend with the ridge on its back had grown with every passing day. And I didn’t already think at all of our family agreement to buy a puppy with a delay till the summer time. I was looking for HIM — my one and only Rhodesian Ridgeback.


And this happened one day — I lookied at the announcement of the little chubby liver nosed pup with childish and naive eye expression. It was my love at first sight! From that moment I couldn’t think about anyone but only him! I still remember that day before the New Year holidays with deep trembling when sitting in the car near the breeder house I was waiting for the litter evaluation finishing. The time seemed to be an eternity… Then I heard, like a bright flash, that the breeder Oksana told me: “You should consider — this puppy is a nice and show promising boy. We would be happy to see you with him entered at the dog shows.” I remember my reply: “What are you! I take him as a family member, for the good of my heart.”
But to date as a result my red nosed and very-very long-awaited kid home named Rendi (Saimon’s Praide Rutendo Rudo) is an International Champion and a Champion of 8 countries although being showed by a very incompetent and unskilled handler — myself. I am not able to express my love to him and I have no words to describe how deep I love him. He is special. He is a liver boy and that says it all! He is Santa Claus New year gift to me!


When Rendi was 2.5 years young I started thinking about the second Ridgeback more and more often. But another dog should be absolutely different of my calm, steady, darling liver boy with philosophical turn of mentality. The image of a cheerful, energetic and very active dark red boy didn’t leave me. Slowly we began to look through announcements of litters planned in different parts of the World, to contact well known breeders, to ask for temperaments and personalities of future parents. I would like to thank Oksana Serova (Rendi’s breeder and owner of Saimon’s Praide prefix) for her invaluable support in selecting and getting our second Rhodesian Ridgeback. Oksana is the person who gave us a link to Netherrlands breeder website where had already be born a litter of puppies sired by famous liver male named Usakose Air of Success at Gondwana (aka Mr Brown) and the dam of this litter was a very beautiful girl called Tara V.P.Noorderheide (aka Nandi). The puppies were only 7 days old at the photos but I immediately picked out a dark red boy with dark blue ribbon over all other pups. The long time contacts to the breeder, Marten Baasaron, brought benefit and we were given the chance to get not only a pick of the litter but also to choose a name for our pick! 2 months later that long awaited day, the day of the meeting of our baby at the Sheremetyevo airport, came. It was so touching and exciting! I had a feeling of euphoria when I saw our flame-coloured bundle of vigorous energy and cheerfulness. My dreams came true! Tears of happyness were runnung my face and that moment I promised to myself, first of all, that I would do everythig possible that my boy completely conform his name — Yaw Adyuba Best of Both Worlds! And we are coming towards our goal. I hope very much that we with my darling Tairon will succeed in that!